Do you want to empower your life through establishing a deep connection with your Angelic guides?

Then this course is for you!

Welcome to this Angelic Connection course! I am so excited that you are here and that you will be joining me in learning all the things you need to know about connecting with Angels. Angels are ethereal beings who really want to help us and guide us in our lives. They can however only do this if we ask them to intervene as they will never override our own free will. These amazingly powerful beings not only act as our guardians but can empower us, protect us, guide us and heal us if we allow them to. Connecting with your Angels is actually a very safe and gentle process and this course will provide you with tools and techniques to make your connection with you own guardian angel and also the Archangels. This course will take you on an amazing journey of connection with the Angelic Realm through an easy step by step process to follow and also through powerfully channeled meditations containing powerful activations . Be prepared for transformation!

Who is this Course For?

Do you want to empower your life and step confidently into your life's purpose? (11 sections • 27 lectures (over 3 hours of lessons)

  • Do you want to connect with your Angelic guides to give your life a deeper meaning?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how these amazing beings can help you open up your spiritual gifts and bring joy and creativity into your life.

  • Anyone who wants to learn about Angels and how they can help you.

  • If you have low confidence or find that fear and anxiety rule your life, then connecting with your Angelic guides will lead to powerful transformations.

  • Do you need assistance in manifesting? Then this course will help you connect with your Angels and manifest your dreams.

  • This course is for anyone who wants to live a more empowered and fulfilling life.

  • If you are already a therapist and want to enrich your practice, then connecting with your Angelic team is an amazing way to help your clients. Angelic energy is a fantastic source of healing providing clarity and self-empowerment to all who use it.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Section 1

    • Section 1 - Angels, Spirit Guides & Spirit Animals

  • 3

    Section 2

    • Section 2 - Who can connect with Angels?

    • Healing Meditation

    • Exercise 1 - Practicing the Clairs

  • 4

    Section 3

    • Section 3 - Preparing for Connection

    • Exercise 2 - Intuitive Exercise

  • 5

    Section 4

    • Section 4 - Intention Setting

    • Exercise 3 - Intention Setting

  • 6

    Section 5

    • Section 5 - Meet the Archangels

    • Healing with Archangel Michael (Downloadable)

    • Exercise 4 - Meet the Archangels

    • Archangel Michael Prayer

  • 7

    Section 6

    • Section 6 - Raising Your Vibration

    • Raise Your Vibration (Downloadable)

    • Exercise 5 - Raise Your Vibration

  • 8

    Section 7

    • Section 7 -Opening Your Third Eye

    • Third Eye Activation Meditation(Downloadable)

  • 9

    Section 8

    • Section 8 - How to Connect with your Angels

    • Meditation & Activation to Connect to your Angel

    • Exercise 6 - Using a Pendulum

  • 10

    Section 9

    • Section 9 - The importance of Dreams & Angel Connection

  • 11

    Section 10

    • Section 10 - Cleansing & Protection

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